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Rotary Club of Green Valley Committee Guidelines

Budget: Each year the Budget Committee will determine an amount to be allocated to charitable giving for the upcoming Rotary year. That money may only be awarded to eligible applicants. Ninety percent of the budgeted amount will be allocated during the annual “Spring Charity Meeting” conducted in March of each Rotary year. Up to ten percent of the budgeted amount may be allocated as “Early Year Contributions” and may be given away during the course of the Rotary year prior to the Spring Charity Meeting. Any funds remaining from “Early Year Contributions” will be allocated back to funds for the “Spring Charity Meeting.”


Eligible Applicants: All candidates for charity funds must submit an application. Each applicant must be sponsored by a Green Valley Rotarian. The application may be completed by the organization or by the sponsoring Rotarian. All applicants should be non-­-profit organizations, however, it is recognized that on a rare occasion the Club may consider an application from an individual/family.


Charity Guidelines (Organization)

  • All qualified organizations should be local to the Henderson area and most organizations the Club supports should have a significant impact in Las Vegas Valley.
  • All “organization” applicants should be designated as a 501(c)(3) Non-­-Profit organization and applicants will be required to provide tax-­-payer ID numbers and IRS 990 forms with the application. Unusual exceptions that may not have taxpayer ID’s may be recommended by the Charity Committee.
  • National organizations that have a local chapter with a local budget/funds going toward specific needs in the area can be considered a local charity.


Charity Guidelines (Individuals/Families)

  • Charity funds for individuals/families in our area will be tied to a recent financial hardship brought on by unusual circumstances and/or personal tragedy.
  • Charitable donations for/on behalf of individuals related to any Club members shall be limited to $100 and shall be designated for a 501 (c)(3) non-­-profit organization.

International Project Guidelines

  • Funds may be allocated to International projects from the Charity Budget.
  • Any project to be considered must have a sponsor from the Rotary Club of Green Valley and an identified project sponsor in the US or overseas.
  • Club and an identified project sponsor in the US or overseas.
  • The sponsoring Rotarian must ensure that the project is legitimate and funds will be dispersed as proposed.


Charity Breakfast: The annual Charity Breakfast shall be held the 3rd Thursday of May each year. All recipients of charitable donations from the Rotary Club of Green Valley throughout the year will be invited. A chairperson for this event should be named before January 31 of each year.


Charity Committee Members: The Charity Committee Chairperson will be selected by the incoming President along with all other committee chairs each year. The Chairperson of the Charity Committee will select a minimum of six additional Charity Committee members. Given that it is important for this committee to have some continuity, it is recommended that the Chairman keep at least four members from the previous year and add at least two new members to the committee each year.


Exceptions, changes, or amendments: Any exceptions, changes, or amendments to these guidelines must be presented to the Board for approval.

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